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Store your furniture, your vehicle and your boat
Whether it is for commercial or domestic storage, you will find a storage space to meet your needs. You can trustingly store your furniture, your boxes.
Adaptable and secure storing services

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Established since 1977, Gestion J.G. Courchesne offers you storing services that are highly adaptable and secure. Only you have access to your storage space thanks to a coded system. Qualified personnel are always available on-site for assistance or for information; also, continuous interior and exterior video surveillance is accessible on the internet.

Should you require additional space, whether large or small, Mini-Storage J.G. Courchesne will exceed your expectations. The storage services are located in Ste-Agathe-des-Monts near Montreal.



  • We provide secure interior storage
  • 2 floors of storage space easily accessible with a lift

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  • 40 surveillance cameras, continuously accessible directly through our secured web site
  • personalized access code allowing you to enter your storage area

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Photo gallery

photo gallery

A few examples of available storage spaces:

Mini-warehouses and free spaces

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